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hmm I thought I was the insane one.

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.
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I might talk about percy Jackson or hunger games or superwholock or divergent or any other fandom, and I love them all. Honestly. I love all of them and I love reblogging and Fangirling and even cosplaying then all, but Harry Potter will always be my first love. It will always be my security blanket, it will be the parents that I leave behind to go to college and meet new friends and learn new things and go explore the world, but will always need even when I’m not thinking about it, when I’m sad and there is no one left behind. When I need a comfort zone and I’m feeling a bit homesick. And if I’m heartbroken and damaged and broken and I feel ruined, they will be there for me. Waiting for me patiently to be read. And yes, after all this time. Always. Harry Potter is and will always be immortal.

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I think every supernatural fan has a secret app that alerts them every time there is a new post without a gif, some of this posts are giffed so fast its not even natural

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Me: “She looks so odd but it fascinates me because -technically- by society standards. She is beautiful.”

Bray: “No it’s gross!”

Me: “Perfectly asymmetrical sides, clear glowing skin, big round eyes, small bubbly nose, big plump lips. Perfectly healthy hair. By technicalities she is a pretty. But all together there is something that’s odd”

Bray: “Her eyes are too close together, her lips are… Ewwww”

Me: “See? That’s what the book is about. What is perfection isn’t perfect enough? Because no matter if you look perfect there will still be people who will call you ‘gross’. And it’s rather interesting because you just proved the whole point of the series. If a person doesn’t fall within the current standards of beauty then that person is automatically gross. There is something that’s always wrong. Something isn’t good enough. It never is.”
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"Funny how you’re the only person whos ever said that to me."

Funny how nobody discovered the moon until someone did.

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I need a new fandom how do I join a new fandom

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"…Big summer blowout."Oaken from Frozen

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Like not once did she say “I want a prince to come and rescue me from my situation.”

She just wanted to look cute and turn the fuck up at the party.

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